Anna Platform

Previous Updates

Updates: 04-10-2017

ANCHORAGE, AK – April 10, 2017 – On April 8th  Hilcorp completed a successful hydrostatic pressure test of the pipeline between the Anna and Bruce platforms. The test was approved and observed by both state and federal agencies and conducted using USDOT standards.  The pipeline was tested for 8 hours reaching a maximum pressure of approximately 430 psi, which is 125% of the pipeline’s maximum operating pressure. The pipeline held pressure throughout the test, meaning the pipeline is in good working order.

Hilcorp also dispatched divers to inspect the pipeline near the Anna platform.  The divers completed their inspection this morning, and found the pipeline to be intact with no damage.

The results of the pressure test and inspection, considered together with the small volume (estimated at less than 3 gallons) of the release, confirm the initial indication that the pipeline was not the source of the small sheens observed in the vicinity of Anna platform.

Hilcorp’s  decision  to  quickly  shut  in  the  pipeline mitigated the highest risk factor and was prudent  operating  procedure following  an incident.

There have been no measurable impacts to the environment and no impacts to wildlife have been observed.

The investigation into this event is ongoing and we will continue to coordinate with regulators and submit updates as they become available.

Updates: 04-07-2017

ANCHORAGE, AK – April 7, 2017 – Hilcorp is in agreement with the corrective action order from PHMSA directing a pressure test of the pipeline between the Anna and Bruce platforms. Indications are that this line is not the source of the small sheen observed but it is important that its integrity is verified before returning this platform to production.

Hilcorp’s in-line inspection of the line in June of 2016 as well as recent onsite visual inspections showed the line to be in good working condition.  The low volume of oil observed, estimated to be less than 3 gallons, seems to further indicate that the pipeline may not be the source of the release.

Hilcorp’s decision to quickly shut in the pipeline is prudent operating procedure following an incident.  While our analysis is ongoing, we will coordinate all developments with the regulators and submit updates as they become available.


Updates: 04-03-2017

ANCHORAGE, AK – The Unified Command consisting of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) and Hilcorp Alaska (Hilcorp) stood down early this morning. All oil has been removed from the pipeline and there is no indication of any further release.
Based on standard calculations for the number and size of the initial oil sheens and the amount of oil recovered from the line, Hilcorp estimates the total volume of this spill to be less than three gallons of oil.
The sheen sighted and reported by Hilcorp personnel on April 1st has not been spotted in subsequent flyovers. Hilcorp will continue to conduct flyovers as weather permits.
Hilcorp immediately shut-in the platform and mobilized emergency response teams. These efforts have been supported by the Perseverance, a Cook Inlet Spill Prevention and Response (CISPRI) vessel.
The eight inch diameter pipeline is 1.62 miles in length and was acquired by Hilcorp in January of 2012. An inline inspection of the entire line was conducted in June of 2016 and visual inspections of certain exterior portions of the line were conducted in June of 2016. These inspections showed the line to be in good working condition.
Moving forward in our response efforts, a diving crew is assembling and appropriate support vessels are being readied. Use of divers to investigate and perform any necessary repairs will be initiated as soon as it is safe to do so.
There have been no observed impacts to wildlife.
At this time, the cause of the release is unknown. Further updates will be provided as new information becomes available.